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New for Fall – by Hungry Girl Austin

Hi, Ane with Hungry Girl Austin here, excited to fill you in on the yummiest things I’ve eaten this last week. We got our first taste of fall a few days ago with the nice cool front that blew in last weekend, although I have a feeling it’ll be a few weeks before we feel that again. With that said, I want to fill you in on some new restaurant openings, fall menu changes, and other great things I hope you’ll enjoy!

1). New Fall Menu at Bess Bistro in Downtown

Beef Tartare from Bess Bistro

Beef Tartare: arugula, parmesan, pickled mustard seed, herb aioli, lavash

Bess recently had a bit of a chef shuffle, and with new Chef Roman Murphy came a whole new farm-to-table seasonal menu inspired by various international elements to bring us New American Cuisine. I had a chance to preview their new Fall menu this past week, and I’m excited to go back and try more. One of my favorites was their Beef Tartare, served with arugula, parmesan, pickled mustard seed, herb aioli, and lavash–it was excellent!

2). Tacos galore at the new Fork+Taco in Allandale

tacos from Fork+Taco

pulled pork taco, Mexican street corn, black beans, and a thai style grouper taco

There are very few cities that I know of that create hype around the opening of a new taco joint opening, Austin being one of them. Opened by an Uchi alum, Fork+Taco opened just this week along the Burnet corridor that I call “restaurant row”. This place is serving delicious tacos made with hormone free beef, pork, chicken, fish, and also has some tasty looking vegetarian tacos as well.

3). My friend Jackie’s ridiculous cheese board worthy of a Bon Appetit spread

Epic cheeseboard with cheeses from Central Market

Cheese utopia with cheese from Central Market in Austin

How incredible does this cheese spread look? My friend Jackie is currently working on a project, Revista Mujer, and this cheese lover’s paradise is her creation that will be part of the project. She bought all the cheese at Central Market, I couldn’t believe it!! If you want to reproduce this for the next time you’re entertaining, go to Central Market (either one) and ask a cheese monger to help you put the ultimate cheese board together.

4). Flank Steak Spring Rolls and Green Mango & Cucumber Salad from Elizabeth Street Cafe in Bouldin

Flank Steak Spring Rolls and Green Mango & Cucumber Salad from Elizabeth Street Cafe

Flank Steak Spring Rolls and Green Mango & Cucumber Salad from Elizabeth Street Cafe

This is one of my all time favorite restaurants in Austin, I don’t think I have to explain why. But in case you’re not familiar with the place, I love all their food, their delicious coffee and french pastries, the ambience, decor, I could go on and on. Plus, it’s in one of my favorite neighborhoods and pretty close to my house. I love their spring rolls, the flank steak ones being my favorite, and on the day I went to have this meal I decided on a light and healthy green mango and cucumber salad, it was delectable.

That’s it for now, if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to reach out to me on twitter and make sure to follow my instagram page to stay up to date on where I’m going and eating.