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Trey Pike on Modern Home Security Systems

Trey Pike on Modern Security

KVUE Interviews BRE Realtor Trey Pike About Home Security

This is a clip about the technology advances of home security.  Protect America, came and upgraded Trey Pike’s home with the most advanced technology and interviewed Trey.  The technology includes dimming lights, arming/disarming the alarm all through your iPhone.  You can even deadbolt the doors with your iPhone. The system also has cameras that can be viewed at any time from your office computer or phone. These cameras will automatically record if the alarm is tripped.

Protect America Inc., one of the nation’s top home security companies. We have protected almost half a million homes since 1992 and have continued to grow. Currently an average of 15% of the population in the U.S. has a working alarm system. Our goal is to provide home security for the whole nation and educate consumers on the importance of home security.

Furthermore, Protect America provides more than just home security products. We also offer convenience and safety through our home automation, GPS, and surveillance products. Our wireless home security systems and products allow consumers to protect their home and loved ones at an affordable price.